Pics from Wednesday

We got the pics from Wednesday back up. We’ve still got a few left from our resort day so we’ll make a new post soon.

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Checked in and Waiting…

So far so good with our flights today… We’re all checked in and ready to head out from San Salvador. We haven’t boarded yet, but everything is on time at the moment. For specific flight information, check out the Flight Information Page. Please continue to pray for our team as we travel today. We had some technical issues with our day 5 picture video, but we’ll try to upload when we land in Miami. Thanks for all your support and prayers during this trip, as we’ve been privileged to see the work of God firsthand!

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Update from Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of update last night everybody. We got back a little later than usual and the picture video wasn’t cooperating again. We had a great day on Wednesday. We visited 2 schools and in between we visited a feeding center in Apopa for kids. It’s run by the wife of the pastor at the baptist church in Apopa. It was really touching to help out in any way we could to feed those kids. Even the smallest things, like playing monkey in the middle with a basketball, really helped us to connect with them and brightened their days. Our school performances were both fantastic yesterday as well. No word yet on a final count but we’re told it’s over 400 decisions total. We asked Jon if we could go out to more schools on Thursday because we wanted 500. This entire week has been an amazing experience with our team constantly being immersed in His Spirit. Please continue to pray for the people here. This country needs God to act in a way only He can. Thank you so much for your support this week and we’re all looking forward to coming home and a warm shower.

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Pics From Day 4

Got some more pics up from one of our school visits on Tuesday

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We’re finished with Day 4. We visited 2 schools today for performances and talked with a lot of students. So far, as best as we can tell, there have been 325 decisions for Christ this week. Remember to use the “Contact Your Student” page to send a personal message to us. It’s really encouraging to know everyone is checking up on us. We’ll get more media up as quick as possible.

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Day 3 pics

We finally got the pics uploaded, that took a while.

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Day 3

Here’s an update after day 3. We’ll try to get pictures from today up at some point tomorrow. They’re taking too long to upload tonight.

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Day 2 pics

Here’s some pics from today

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Day 2 Update

Quick update, we found out this morning that we actually had 39 decisions at the soccer tournament so praise God for that. Some of our students made a quick video discussing our experiences thus far. Today we went to Zacamil’s church service in the morning and then we went to a volcano. Nobody died. Afterwards, we ate lunch at a mall and then headed back to the church for their youth service. We performed 1 skit to try to raise interest for when we perform on Wednesday night so be praying for that. Tonight we visited some families in their homes with some donations and wordless bracelets. We actually had 4 people accept Christ through that. We’re really looking forward to tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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Day 1 (Slideshow)

We had a great first day. The church put on a soccer tournament that ran all day. They had 22 teams sign up. we presented to and talked to somewhere between 500 to 600 people throughout the day. We spent most of the day passing out the wordless bracelets while the games were going on. We also got to perform 1 of the skits about midway through and then we got to perform 2 songs and another skit right before the championship game. A church pastor presented the Gospel and we saw at least 22 decisions that we know about. The church also made a lot of contacts that they can follow up on. Here’s a link to a slideshow of some pics we took throughout the day.

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